Pumpkins are globes of pure delight!

Posted in what's new?, on September 10, 2019.

They’re orange, they can give you a fright, and they conjure up crisp thoughts of fall.

So, what’s our Jack-o’-lantern?

No, it’s not an orange packed in the kids’ lunch boxes.

It’s our new flavour, guaranteed to be a sensation this fall at all La Crémière dairy bars. Pumpkins are globes of pure delight!

While leaves turn brilliant red, orange and yellow, La Crémière counters will be putting on their own spectacular display.

A treat for the whole family

And the best part? There’s something for everyone.

Creamy like all La Crémière flavours, kids will go crazy for our pumpkin ice cream – a flavour both young and old look forward to each year. Who eats pumpkin in the summer? No one. We all impatiently wait for pumpkin time to taste this perfectly spiced treat.

The most daring will stir up a little fun. Or at least their milkshakes – a pumpkin milkshake, if you please. You’ll lick your lips and ask for another. And who would blame you? A La Crémière pumpkin milkshake is like a fall sky that cheers you with its brightness. A warm knitted blanket to wrap yourself in as the air turns crisp.

And if it’s brisk outside?

The hardiest will want to get (both) hands on a delicious glass of iced pumpkin coffee. A drinkable delight that’s only here for a short while, during a time of thanks. And little comforts, like snuggling with your sweetheart or savouring La Crémière’s pumpkin flavour.

Don’t wait, and definitely don’t take fright. Our Jack-o’-lantern is all treats!

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