Noir brightens up a summer day

Posted in what's new?, on July 21, 2019.

Know what’s great about summer?

Vacation time, long family outings, a chance to recharge and… new flavour discoveries!

And there’s no better destination than La Crémière.

Take the other day, for example. I was ensconced in the family hammock, with a book of noir fiction to pass the time. The neighbour’s black cat causally watched me from its perch on the fence. A black fence. The children’s black hair was wet after countless jumps into the pool. Nothing could upset me. Or put me in a black mood.

Quite the opposite. Black in fact brightened up my day.

What does Noir taste like?

Thirst and hunger suddenly strike. I am seized by a desire to discover Noir. “Kids, what does Noir taste like?”

No time to wait for an answer. Let’s go, we’re off to La Crémière! “What’re we doing, Dad?” We’re going to find out what Noir tastes like.

Noir lights up your taste buds

From the very first taste, we fall for this smooth, rich sorbet. Light and refreshing. To try it is to LOVE it.

La Crémière has everything to make you smile. This dark Noir triggers joy and happy times – nothing frightful hiding here.

Want to be deliciously surprised? Then come and meet our experts with the best flavours in town. With each taste, you’ll relish the deliciousness of this newly created dark sorbet that’ll put a bright smile on your face.

You’ll be back again and again, sharing your discovery with others. What does Noir taste like? Try it for yourself!

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