A fantastical yet delicious quest

Posted in what's new?, on July 21, 2019.

I had a dream. No, scratch that. A nightmare. And this is how it went.

In a slumberous haze, on a stifling hot night, I wander from one snack bar to another, begging shamelessly for fries, hot dogs, hamburgers. Each time, I am handed a ketchup-less version.

What? No ketchup. It’s unimaginable. I love ketchup. I put it on everything.

The night of horror continues. Even the chips stand does not offer any ketchup-flavoured relief. At the cafeteria, not a drop of ketchup for my shepherd’s pie, my tourtière, my croquettes.

Sweat drips off my face. The heat of the night making it uncomfortably hot. Suddenly, my dream shifts and I find myself in front La Crémière. Ahhhhh, ketchup!

An oasis filled with tasty delights and that salty-sweet vegetable sauce called ketchup

I wake up abruptly. My eyes glistening. “Honey, get dressed! Get the kids ready. We’re going to La Crémière. I want some ketchup.”

Her bewildered expression suggests it’s early. Much too early.

But no, it’s never too early to try the newest creation from La Crémière. My favourite dairy bar now offers an incredible flavour – my all-time favourite – ketchup. One of the world’s most beloved condiments. I am told it took months to find the perfect recipe to satisfy the legion of fans of this delectable red sauce.

Do not think a sauce simply squirted on some ice cream. We are talking here about the perfect fusion of ingredients. My ketchup, in all its glorious colour and flavour. On a hot day, as hot as the night before, I quickly polish off the treat, savouring each delicious moment.

I have no doubt that La Crémière’s ketchup flavour will make your cheeks glow red too, all summer long.

So, are you ready like me to head out at 7 a.m. in the morning in search of your ketchup cone?

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