Cream cycle

Posted in promotion, what's new?, on November 11, 2019.

With its Orange Cycle, La Crémière offers up an unforgettable taste : a vanilla & orange milkshake.

When I was younger I couldn’t get enough of the flavour orange – lollipops, popsicles, jujubes, and of course, oranges. To that you can add clementines and ice cream.

For many, oranges are forever linked with summertime… the heat, the refreshing juice, the sunny state of Florida.

But what I always looked forward to was the time of the year when I could enjoy the flavour in a much cooler way: orange paired with vanilla ice cream. An unmistakeable flavour combo that brings to mind so many memories – at the end of a party with friends, poolside in the backyard both feet in the water and December clementines with ice cream.

A memory and taste bud revival

La Crémière had fans of this zesty flavour in mind when it created its Orange Cycle, offering an experience that engages all the senses. The smell, the cool sensation on the tongue, the whiteness of the ice cream contrasted with the orange covering. Creamy and exquisite.

The memory re-emerges through this unforgettable flavour. The Crémière goes vintage with its new menu item, just in time to celebrate the arrival of cooler weather and reawaken the senses of those who’ve tucked the taste away in a corner of their memories.

La Crémière OrangeCycle

It’s a treat, I guarantee. Your family members and friends are about to learn just how much you love this flavour. And even discover how much they like it too.

This year, the fall and holiday seasons won’t taste the same thanks to La Crémière and the indelible memories it brings back.

The Orange Cycle will deliver a citrusy pop in your mouth and kick off a new wave of aficionados of this brightly flavoured treat.

Go ahead, enjoy some sweet memories, and a sweet time, with a visit to La Crémière.

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